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Koeky 3D Framework Description

Koeky 3D is a framework for OpenGL which has two goals. 1) it aims to make it easy to use OpenGL and 2) it aims to provide the programmer with extra functionality like particles systems and skeletal animations.

It makes use of the OpenTK library however where OpenTK exposes OpenGL commands my aim is to hide these in c# classes.

Right now you can download the source and compile it using visual studio. An alpha release is also available for download however I recommend to just download the source for the absolute latest version.

What functionality does Koeky 3D provide?

Koeky 3D has the following functionality:

  • Easy creation of vertex buffers, vertex array objects, framebuffer objects and textures
  • Skeletal animations
  • Manager classes aimed at making state changes with OpenGL easier and cleaner
  • A basic particle system making use of transform feedback (still under development tough)

Ofcourse more functionality will be implemented in the future and current functionality will be perfected.

What is the design philosophy?

I want to elevate programmers from the burden of creating OpenGL objects they have created a thousands times before. By wrapping OpenGL functionality in classes using OpenGL becomes easy!

However it is still possible to call OpenGL methods directly. My idea is that programmers can do anything with OpenGL they want, but they don't have to.

 Where can I find some samples explaining how to use this library?

Check the documentation section for explanation on how to use this library. Some extra samples can be found when you download the source code.

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